Nicholas Marcellino

3+ Years in the business

Position: DJ Nicky Spins

At a young age I was always infatuated with music, and it plays a big role in my life to this day. I’m always listening to music or humming tunes on the go.

College is where my passion really took off when I started attending radio classes at Cabrini University. Once a week on Friday afternoons I would host a two-hour radio show called “The Vault” playing classic rock music.

Nowadays I continue hosting a radio show in Germantown Philadelphia called “Nothin’ but Wax”. I spin oldies records once a week on Thursday mornings for two hours. I get called an old soul a lot.

I’ve been working for In The Mix Event Group for almost two years now and I have such a great time spinning tracks of all genres on the dance floor. Seeing people smile, dancing, singing and just having a fun time always makes my night. I tell people DJing is an escape; it’s nice to leave all of your worries aside for a couple hours to have some fun.