Alexcia Irizarry

Emcee Alexcia

Position: Emcee Alexcia

3+ years in the business

Alexcia’s love of music began when she was a little girl being inspired by her father and
grandfather, who were both engulfed in the music world. Her father was a DJ, and her
grandfather was a musician in their native Puerto Rico. They both gave her the ambition to sing
and dance in all genres of music, at the age of six.

Classically trained in dance, Alexcia started performing at a very young age in dance
competitions, high school plays and in professional shows at Temple University. She learned
many accolades as a theater performer and collectively with her fellow peers. She majored in
the Arts with a concentration in Musical Theater & Communications. She always found ways to
incorporate her culture and with that directed a Latin dance team, Philly Touch, that performed
all over the Tri-state area.

After graduating from TU, Alexcia put her Acting/performing dreams on the side and entered the
real world as a Certified Project Manager for a global Environmental Engineering Firm. Although
she finds her career very rewarding, music kept calling back to her. She knew soon enough she
would find her way back into the world of creativity and it would be better than ever.
In Alexcia’s spare time you can find her hosting trivia and karaoke nights at local restaurants,
salsa dancing, spending time with her family, or as of recently, planning her own wedding.
Which is how she met Harry who is the owner of In the Mix. When she had her consultation with
Harry, she knew right off that bat, that hiring this event group was going to be more than just
your typical wedding booking. Both Alexcia and Harry developed a friendship instantly, had
many mutual friends, and they started to put their creativity to the test.

When Alexcia was presented the opportunity to work with In the Mix, she jumped on the chance
without any hesitation. With her music and performing background and Emcee experience, the
transition came naturally.

If you are looking for someone who is passionate about all kinds of music, or you want someone
with a Latin touch, she can provide that to you for your next event; look no further than Alexcia