Jamal Laghjichi

Born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia in the Levittown area. I attended Pennsbury High School and found my love for music. I enjoy when I can witness people enjoying the event and creating the atmosphere for that is what inspires me to continue my own DJ soundtrack to my life. Even certain songs I hear and realize I discovered new music whether it would be from meeting new people through work, at work, or even sharing new music with everyone I meet. I wouldn’t be able to do so if I did not start working with In The Mix Event Group. I love being on a dance floor and interacting with crowds. People always say “love what you do” and I’m so happy I found a job like that!

I also work with adolescents and in home health and hospice care. Taking music and using it to spark a nostalgic memory for a client, or previewing a new song/mix for kids and listening to their input on the past and future of music reinforces that music is therapeutic for everyone and anyone.

In my free time I enjoy volleyball, soccer, beach, photography, random trips, late night drives and sleeping in as long as I can.

“I’m just a party waiting to happen!

DJ Mal, Emcee Jamal
Levittown PA
Pennsbury High School